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The history of Klopp's confrontations with Guardiola before the Liverpool and Manchester City summit

Liverpool professional coach Jurgen Klopp meets Egyptian star Mohamed Salah and his Spanish counterpart Pep Guardiola, coach of the Manchester City team, face to face again in the fiery confrontation that brings the two teams together on Sunday evening, at “Anfield”, at the top of the seventh round of the English Premier League. .

Sunday's match is the 22nd in the history of Club and Guardiola's confrontations in their training career, full of titles and achievements, as they met face to face in 21 previous times in various tournaments, according to the statistics published by the global "Transfer Market" website.

Klopp achieved 9 victories in the previous confrontations against Guardiola, compared to 9 victories for the Spanish coach, while 3 matches between them ended in a draw in all competitions.

Klopp and Guardiola have met face to face in the English championships since December 2016 until the last confrontation between them last February, which Manchester City decided in his favor by four goals to one in the 23rd round of last season.

Also, 8 matches were held between them in German competitions between 2013 and 2015, when Klopp was coach of Borussia Dortmund while he was leading Guardiola Bayern Munich.

At the Premier League level, Klopp and Guardiola met face to face 10 times, during which the German coach achieved 3 victories compared to 4 victories for his Spanish counterpart, while 3 matches ended in a draw.

Liverpool is at the top of the English Premier League standings this season, with 14 points, one point behind runner-up Manchester City.

While Liverpool are at the top of Group B in the European Champions League season 2021-2022, with 6 points, two points behind Atletico Madrid, the runner-up with 4 points.

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