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Use this spice to control cholesterol and diabetes levels

The addition of different spices in all our meals is one of the main reasons for strengthening the immune system, as most of the diets that we follow contain spices as an essential part of their important role in maintaining our fitness level, for example, eating turmeric milk, cinnamon water and fenugreek soaked mostly gives you a healthy start to your day And with the change in diets and food preferences, chronic diseases have made their way into our lives, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and a group of common spices can keep cholesterol levels and diabetes under control, according to the “Times of India” website. .


It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and helps the body increase its antioxidant capacity, as it lowers blood sugar levels.

Black pepper

Black pepper, known as the king of spices, is a well-known source of antioxidants and helps the body stay healthy. It also helps the body break down fat cells, and it has also been shown to help lower levels of bad cholesterol.


Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects and analgesic abilities help protect the body from the effects of diabetes by improving insulin levels.


The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of cinnamon help reduce any blockage in your internal systems, allowing the body to improve cholesterol levels and smooth blood flow throughout the body. Its antioxidant properties also help manage insulin sensitivity while reducing blood sugar levels.

Fenugreek seeds

The high fiber content we get from fenugreek seeds helps the body absorb fewer carbohydrates, and it also encourages lowering blood sugar levels by slowing down digestion and improving glucose tolerance levels in the body.


Besides improving the body’s immunity levels, basil also helps to fortify the body and keep blood sugar levels under control.