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The miracle house..a lone house that escapes from the lava on the island of La Palma

The island of La Palma, one of the Spanish Canary Islands, lives in a state of destruction due to the eruption of the volcano, which lasted for several days and its effects of destruction and devastation are still continuing so far, with the lava left behind by the volcano that caused a lot of destruction of homes and streets, and many scenes of rivers from Lava flowing from the eruption of a volcano on the island of La Palma.

In the midst of this volcanic life that dominates the island of La Palma, a Spanish photographer named Alfonso Escalero took pictures from a distance of a lone house that surprisingly escaped the effects of the volcano, and the images were transmitted by the media and communication platforms, until the pioneers of social networking platforms called it the “Miracle House” According to the British newspaper, The Guardian,

It turned out that the house was owned by a retired Danish couple who did not live on the island, and the couple expressed their happiness and relief that their house still exists in its place, in an area where most of its houses were burned due to the devastating La Palma volcano.

For its part, the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, quoted Ada Moniquendam, the woman who pledged to build the house with her husband, that she said: “We all fell into a fit of crying when he told us that the beloved house was intact,” and she spoke of it sad to know that the house is alone, without anyone being able to take care of him," Sky News reported.

This comes as the lava has destroyed more than 200 homes, and thousands of residents can no longer return to their homes, and the regional government in the Canary Islands said it will buy two housing projects that include 73 properties for those who have become homeless, while it is estimated that the volcano caused real estate losses worth about 87 million euros. ($102 million).