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The Egyptian Super Cup .. the expected formation of Al-Ahly against Al-Tala’ea

Al-Ahly team will enter, at seven in the evening, today, Tuesday, a difficult test when it faces the Vanguards of the Army at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria for the local Super Cup title. In the final with a penalty shootout against the Red Genie.

The Egyptian Super Cup .. the expected formation of Al-Ahly


The expected formation of Al-Ahly against Al-Tala’i in the Super, consists of:

Mohamed El-Shennawy in the goalkeeper.

Defense lines: Ayman Ashraf, Badr Banoun, Ali Maaloul and Akram Tawfiq.

Midfield: Amr Al-Sulayya, Hamdi Fathi, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, Hussein El-Shahat and Taher Mohamed Taher

Offensive line: Mohamed Sharif.

The Referees Committee of the Football Association decided to appoint a team of Algerian referees for the match between Al-Ahly and Tala’a Al-Jaish, as follows: Mustafa Gharbal, referee of the square, Abdelhak Echali, Abbas Akram Zerhouni as assistants, Elias Boukwasa, fourth referee, Obaid Sharif, video referee, and Ben Brahem Lahlou, assistant video referee.

Al-Ahly enters the match to win the championship for the 12th time in its history, while Tala’a Al-Jaish enters to win the first championship in its history.