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The Arab League launches an Arab booklet to raise awareness of breast cancer

The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States announced that it is about to launch an Arab booklet that includes the efforts of Arab countries in the field of awareness and combating breast cancer, entitled "The Pink Portfolio Initiative: An In-Depth Vision", in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund. breast cancer disease and to monitor best practices at the regional level.

In a statement issued today, Thursday, on the occasion of the Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Day, under the umbrella of the “Pink Portfolio” initiative, the Arab League stated that the activities carried out by the General Secretariat annually within the framework of activating the “Pink Portfolio” initiative also include the allocation of a day for free examination and early detection. For interested women employees of the General Secretariat of the Arab League, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The statement added that the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States is currently coordinating with member states and relevant authorities to expand the scope of the Pink Portfolio initiative to include cervical cancer, and is coordinating with the United Nations Population Fund to hold the annual "Pink Portfolio" event, during which the Pink Portfolio will be presented. The most important outputs of the Arab brochure and the exchange of best Arab practices and experiences in the field of combating breast cancer, especially in light of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions on women fighting this disease.

It is worth noting that starting in 1985, October was chosen to be the month of breast cancer awareness at the international level, where various events are organized and the most important landmarks in all countries are lit in pink, which is the main international symbol for the month of breast cancer awareness. The Arab Women's Committee in its 38th session, the first of October of each year, to be the Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Day at the regional level.

The celebration of this day aims at educating women about the importance of early detection of breast cancer, the risk factors that increase the likelihood of contracting this disease, and ways to prevent it, and urging member states to provide an integrated service to combat breast cancer, from detection to treatment.

The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States (Social Affairs Sector) is keen every year to revive the “Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Day” through a number of activities aimed at raising awareness and reminding you of the importance of early detection, which greatly helps prevent and treat the disease. Under the umbrella of the Pink Portfolio Initiative: A Regional Initiative for Arab Women's Health, the Social Affairs Sector (Women, Family and Childhood Department), in cooperation and coordination with the United Nations Population Fund, organizes an annual celebration during October in line with the celebration of this occasion internationally.

The "Pink Portfolio" is a regional initiative for Arab women's health launched by the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States on October 21, 2019 after it was approved at the level of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit at its fourth regular session (January-Beirut), as well as by The Council of Arab Health Ministers under Resolution No. 51, and it was launched from the headquarters of the General Secretariat by: Ambassador Dr. Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Social Affairs Sector of the League of Arab States, and Dr. Louay Shabana, Regional Director of the United Nations Population Fund, Office of Arab States.

Within the framework of the League of Arab States’ interest in women’s health in the Arab region, the General Secretariat, represented by the Departments of Women, Family and Childhood, and the Department of Health and Humanitarian Aid, participated in the activities of the “Arab Forum for Women’s Health,” which was held under the title “Women and Cancer… From Prevention to Recovery.”