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The Arab League calls for mobilizing efforts to confront risks and natural disasters

Deputy Director of the Department of Housing, Water Resources and Disaster Reduction in the League of Arab States, Minister Plenipotentiary Shahira Wahba, said that the meeting of the Arab Coordination Mechanism for Disaster Reduction comes in light of the great repercussions that the Arab region is facing from climatic and environmental changes and serious disasters that contributed significantly to increasing rates of desertification and forest fires. And water scarcity and other natural variables that affected the Middle East and North Africa region, as the Arab region is among the regions most affected by these changes.


In her speech at the beginning of the meeting, Wahba stressed the importance of mobilizing resources to support the efforts of Arab countries in facing risks and natural disasters and reducing risks. Defining Arab and regional contingency plans to reduce disaster risks.


The three-day meeting will discuss a number of topics, including the “Statute of the Arab Coordination Mechanism for Disaster Risk Reduction,” the guiding document for integrating health risks into the Arab strategy for disaster risk reduction, “the follow-up report on the implementation of the Arab strategy for disaster risk reduction and its work program,” and preparations for the regional forum. The Fifth Arab Fund for Disaster Risk Reduction” to be held in Morocco in November 2021, where the representative of the Kingdom of Morocco made an intervention on this forum. disaster risk reduction”


While the delegation of Sudan submitted a memorandum on the disaster of torrential rains and floods that the Republic of Sudan was exposed to recently.


A number of Arab, regional and international organizations specialized in the field of disaster reduction and minimizing their repercussions also participated in the meeting of the mechanism