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Tarek Mostafa is studying several offers for training outside Egypt... and Wadi Zem is the most prominent

Tarek Mostafa, the former coach of the Egyptian national team, is discussing more than one offer to take over the technical leadership of more than one team outside Egypt during the next season, especially after his departure from training the Pharaohs team in the former technical staff led by Hossam El-Badri.

The Moroccan Sari Wadi Zem is considered the most prominent club interested in contracting Tariq Mustafa with more than one other foreign offer.

Tariq Mustafa studies the offers presented to him to train more than one external team carefully before choosing the appropriate offer in terms of the available capabilities and conditions that help him achieve his mission successfully with the clubs interested in contracting with him.

Tariq Mustafa is scheduled to determine his next destination and his final decision regarding the club that he will train within a week, after carefully studying all the offers he received recently.