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Sheikh Zayed Authority: Suspending the implementation of violating building surfaces... and launching a campaign to raise occupancy

Engineer Mostafa Fahmy, head of the Sheikh Zayed City Development Authority, said that the Development Department of the Authority, with the participation of the Al-Tameer Police Department, was able to stop the work of implementing an increase in building areas in violation of the requirements in the seventh district, the third neighborhood in the city, and construction tools and materials were seized, and legal measures were taken. against the offender.


The head of the agency called on the residents of the city to abide by the building conditions, and not to carry out violating acts, stressing not to tolerate violations and to take all necessary legal measures against violators.


The head of the Sheikh Zayed City Authority added that the Development Department also carried out a campaign to raise the occupancy of shops and street vendors in various neighborhoods of the city and the Hyper One ladder.


The engineer, Mostafa Fahmy, stressed the need to continue and follow up the development work in the city in order to avoid the spread of randomness and to preserve the distinguished civilized appearance of the city.