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Reopening the Ras Jedir border crossing between Libya and Tunisia

Today, Friday, the activity of the border crossing at Ras Jedir from the Ben Guerdane delegation was resumed in both directions, starting at seven in the morning, according to what a well-informed source in this border crossing told Shams FM correspondent in the region, after the transit movement stopped during the last period as a result of the health situation between Tunisia and Libya. As reported by Tunisian Radio Shams.

The opening of this crossing comes after the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, received, yesterday, Thursday, Othman Al-Jarandi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Tunisians Abroad, Reda Gharslawi, who is in charge of running the Ministry of the Interior, and Ali Merabet, who is in charge of running the Ministry of Health at Carthage Palace.

After being informed of the results of the meetings of the Tunisian-Libyan joint security and health ministerial committees that took place last Wednesday on the island of Djerba, the President of the Republic instructed to reopen the border crossings with the sisterly State of Libya, starting today, Friday.

In this context, the Head of State stressed the need to fully respect the agreed health protocol, stressing that this protocol is subject to review in light of the development of the health situation in the two countries, and that any breach of its requirements may result in a reconsideration of the decision to reopen the border crossings. .