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On the diet journey... Signs that will tell you that you are losing muscle mass instead of fat

Healthy weight loss means losing extra body fat and building muscle mass Replacing fat with lean muscle can lead to a more toned, stronger and healthier body, but the journey to shedding extra pounds is more complicated than just eating healthy and exercising, especially if you're losing muscle It is not fat, and this may be caused by a strict diet or incorrect exercise schedule to lose weight.

It is not difficult to determine if you are losing fat or muscle mass, but once you identify the signs, you can easily make changes in your diet to lose weight effectively, especially if you discover that you are losing muscle, which is what the report published on the "Onlymyhealth" website explains.

Signs that you are losing muscle mass, not fat:

lose weight fast

 Losing fat is a task that takes longer than the total weight, while losing muscle mass is an easy process, if you notice that you are losing weight quickly, this clearly means that you are losing muscle mass instead of fat, losing weight quickly is not sustainable, and the probability of regaining lost weight is also higher .

Feeling lethargic all the time


If you eat healthily, exercise regularly, sleep on time, and are able to manage your stress level, there is no need to feel lethargic, but after following the healthy lifestyle habits necessary to shed pounds and still feel lethargic after performing daily activities, there are There is a mistake in your fat loss routine and you need to make necessary adjustments to it.

Not losing body fat


The main motive of any effective fat loss diet is fat burning, when you follow a fat loss regimen you will notice a change in your body fat composition within a month, but if you do not notice any change in your body fat percentage after months, it indicates that you are losing muscle mass instead of fat.

bad mood


Loss of muscle mass means loss of energy, which in turn reflects poorly on mood, as episodes of mood swings and feelings of tension and anxiety increase, apart from that, you may also start to feel dizzy, because when the body is tired and the energy reserve decreases, the mind will not work efficiently and your mood will stop also.