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Maradona's Cuban lover in a shocking confession: I am ashamed of what I lived with Diego

The lover of Argentine football legend, Diego Armando Maradona, called Mavis Alvarez, broke her silence, and recounted in a television interview the details of the relationship she had with the golden boy, when she was 16 years old, according to the Argentine newspaper, Ole.

"I am ashamed of this relationship, and for two decades I refused to talk about it for fear of any kind of sports or government reprisals," said the woman, now 41, in a shocking statement.

Alvarez confirmed in a television interview with the channel "America TV" in Miami, that she had deepened the use of alcohol and drugs as a result of her relationship with Maradona, when she was 16 years old.

She went on to tell her story: "Diego arrived at a party and we started getting to know each other. He was so surprised when he saw me, he wasn't expecting to visit me. I was told he was very depressed about the girlfriend he had left and that they needed her to go out to eat. Dad didn't take And my mom things are absolutely fine, they were against that relationship, but at that age one is very rebellious. Today I'm ashamed of what I lived through. I feel sorry for myself because I was 16 and I was a part of it all."

She witnessed the crazy life that Maradona lived in Cuba: “Life with him was very crazy, every day in the discos. Every night until seven or eight in the morning he drank champagne. On several occasions he spoke to me about how nice and exciting it would be for him, for me to be with Another girl...and (asked me) if I didn't like the idea."

"I was a kid, I had absolutely no idea what to do. He was a foreigner, a rich guy, and he cared about me, I couldn't say no to this relationship," she said, adding, "I never imagined I'd go with him later on drugs." Which was hard to get rid of.