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Italy commends Tunisia's efforts to combat illegal immigration

Reda Gharslawi, in charge of running the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior, affirmed the continuation of joint cooperation between his country and Italy in the field of combating illegal immigration, noting that curbing this phenomenon is not limited to the security aspect, but must be addressed within the framework of a comprehensive vision with a developmental, economic and social dimension. That was during his meeting with the Italian ambassador to Tunisia, Lorenzo Fanara.


For his part, the Italian ambassador stressed the importance of the efforts made by the Tunisian security units in the face of illegal immigration, expressing the Italian side's readiness to continue providing all kinds of support to Tunisia in this field.

It is noteworthy that, units of the Tunisian naval forces managed to rescue 100 people of nationalities of African countries who tried to illegally migrate to Europe, and a statement of the Tunisian Ministry of Defense stated that the rescue operation took place after the water leaked into the boat that these people were exploiting in the process of surreptitious sailing. .

The Tunisian navy also managed to retrieve the bodies of two women, after a boat carrying 22 illegal immigrants sank northeast of Sfax, 25 km from the Tunisian coast.

The Tunisian Ministry of Defense stated in a statement that these migrants belong to different nationalities (6 from Mali, 5 from Ivory Coast, 8 from Guinea, 1 from Cameroon, 1 from Zambia and 1 from Haiti), including 6 females and a child.

The statement stated that their ages ranged between 4 and 40 years, and that they sailed from the coasts of El Aabed in Sfax, with the intention of surreptitiously crossing the maritime borders in the direction of European space.

Today, the Tunisian National Security units in the state of Monastir thwarted an irregular migration process towards the Italian coasts of 6 people, including two women, all of whom are Africans.

The Tunisian authorities also thwarted 5 attempts of illegal immigration to Europe, and a statement, by the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior, stated that 48 people were arrested in those five attempts, including 24 people with nationalities of African countries (sub-Saharan).


And the Tunisian Ministry of Defense announced that 17 illegal immigrants of different nationalities had been rescued near the gas station Hasdrubal. About the presence of a boat carrying irregular immigrants.

According to the statement, these migrants hold different nationalities from Syria, Palestine and Niger, and the Tunisian Coast Guard rescued 83 illegal immigrants from drowning after their boat broke down off the Tunisian coast. Take legal action against them.

The Tunisian coast guard forces also rescued 222 illegal immigrants from drowning last month, after sea water leaked onto the boats, which they used to cross the Tunisian maritime borders towards European lands.


The official spokesman for the General Administration of the Tunisian Guard, Brigadier General Hossam Eddine Jabali, said that 30 migrants were arrested in the cities of Sfax, Tablaba and Kelibia on taxis and inside homes, after they were preparing to cross the maritime borders, indicating that legal measures were taken regarding the detainees.