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Fruits, vegetables and exercise key to health and happiness .. a study reveals

The results of a new study reveal that consuming fruits and vegetables along with exercise can help increase levels of happiness, and the results of the study were published in the 'Journal of Happiness Studies', while the link between lifestyle and well-being has previously been documented and is often used in health campaigns. In general, to encourage a healthy diet and exercise, the new findings show that there is also a positive lifestyle cause to life satisfaction.

According to a report by time now news, this research is the first of its kind to reveal a causal relationship between happiness and consumption of fruits and vegetables and exercise, rather than generalizing a correlation.

The researchers, Dr Adelina Gschwandtner (University of Kent School of Economics), Dr Sarah Jewell and Professor Uma Kamphpati (both from the University of Reading School of Economics), used an effective covariate method to filter any effect from happiness to lifestyle. It makes people happy, not the other way around.

The results show that individuals' ability to delay gratification and apply self-control plays a key role in influencing lifestyle decisions, which in turn has a positive impact on well-being. Research has also shown that men exercise more, and women eat more fruits and vegetables.

Dr Gschwandtner said, 'Behavioural cues that help with planning to reinforce long-term goals are likely to be particularly useful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle if a better lifestyle not only makes us healthier, but also makes us happier, which is a clear gain. ".

Professor Kampbhati said: "There has been a greater shift in recent years in healthy lifestyle choices. Proving that eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising can increase happiness as well as provide health benefits is a major development."