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Details of the visit of the delegation of the International Basketball Federation to Hassan Mustafa Hall in October

Engineer Mohamed Abdel Muttalib, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Basketball Association, received a delegation from the International Basketball Federation "FIBA", including Emmanuel Julian and Zewe Voeller, in the halls of Dr.


Engineer Mohamed Abdel Muttalib headed the delegation of the Egyptian Basketball Federation, which included the receptionist, Wael Abdel Hai, the executive director of the Cairo region, and Mohamed El-Prince, the official of the reception and follow-up committee.


The delegation of the International Federation was keen to inspect the halls complex of Dr. Hassan Mustafa in order to determine the extent of the hall's potential to host the Basketball World Cup for Clubs, to be held in February next year.

The delegation of the International Federation praised the infrastructure, the existing capabilities and the equipment available in all facilities of the halls complex, which they confirmed that they are in line with the latest international standards, while making some observations and modifications that are required to be made in the event that Egypt gets the honor of organizing the competition.


Engineer Mohamed Abdel Muttalib assured the delegation of the International Federation that the required amendments are easy to implement once FIBA ​​agrees to organize the competition in light of the Egyptian state’s support for organizing the competition and the board of directors’ expertise in organizing world events.

The delegation visited the hotels nominated to host the teams scheduled to participate in the tournament, the official delegation of the International Federation and the important figures expected to be present.


The delegation of the International Federation of the Egyptian Federation confirmed at the end of the tour that the host country for the Club World Cup would be decided within a few weeks, in light of the presence of a number of countries competing with Egypt.