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British newspaper: Boris Johnson wants to stay in office longer than Thatcher

A number of British government ministers revealed today, Saturday, the intention of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stay in office for the longest period of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who lasted 11 years, according to a report by the British newspaper "The Times".


Johnson set his goals for the British 2024 general election for the first time, saying he was intent on tackling the "huge" economic mistakes of the past 40 years, and revealing his intention to use Brexit to correct inequality across the country.


The newspaper quoted a British government minister, without revealing his identity, that "Boris is forced to continue, he is a fierce competitor and wants to continue (in the position) for a longer period of time than Thatcher."


Johnson said - according to what the British newspaper reported - that voters will be able to see his "very great" project to raise the level of progress across Britain, stressing that it "will take a long time .. it will take 10 years".


The newspaper revealed that Johnson's election campaign framework will be around Brexit and his warnings against Britain's retreat and return to following EU laws and regulations under Labor rule, and he will stress that both the British north and south will benefit from his project in his efforts to collect the votes of Conservatives and Labour.