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A Frenchman scales a 160-meter-high skyscraper to protest the mismanagement of climate change

A French man has taken a new way to express his protest and rejection of those responsible for the inaction of those responsible for effective and meaningful action on the issue of climate change, as Alain Robert, 59, used his skills to scale a skyscraper in the central business district of the French capital, Paris, in what he called protesters against the policies of dealing With the issue of climate, he was nicknamed "The Spider-Man", because of his admiration for his ability to climb this high tower.

And the "Euro News" network published clips of Alan Robert's climbing the Aalto Tower with its 38 layers and a height of 160 meters, and explained that this event comes ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled in Glasgow, UK, as a protest step in the way of pressure from In order to motivate leaders and officials to act effectively to protect the climate.

The man in his fifties climbed this skyscraper in Paris, where the UK authorities did not allow him to climb buildings in Britain, to receive in the past two warnings against the background of his adventures and protest activities.

It is scheduled to meet next November, 196 world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled in Glasgow, this comes after the United Nations Climate Conference was held in the French capital, Paris, in late November of the year 2015, in which the Paris Agreement was adopted. Climate as an international framework to combat global warming, and this agreement is a roadmap for combating climate disturbances in effective and feasible ways.

And the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, highlighted the participation of hundreds of thousands of people in 99 countries in a coordinated global climate strike to demand urgent measures to address the environmental crisis, and said that the strike last Friday, was the first global climate action since the emergence of the Corona virus pandemic, before Weeks of the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, UK.