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20 days.. The mandatory application of the ACI system for pre-registration of shipments begins

The countdown has begun for the mandatory implementation of the ACI system for pre-registration of shipments, which has 20 days left, as no goods will be allowed to enter Egyptian seaports shipped from abroad, starting from the first of next October, except through the ACI system.


The Ministry of Finance expressed its sincere thanks and appreciation to the success partners of importers, customs extractors, exporting companies and international multinational companies that took the initiative to join the “ACI” system and deal through it to import goods from abroad during the trial period that began last April and ends on September 30, including It reflects the keenness of the business community to effectively contribute to the implementation of the national project to modernize and automate the customs system, which makes Egypt a global destination for international trade, and contributes to reducing the cost of the import and export process, and reducing the time for customs release so that ports are gates for the transit of goods and not places to store them. Which leads to improving Egypt's ranking in international competitiveness indicators, facilitating trade movement, and stimulating investment.


Al-Shahat Ghaturi, head of the Customs Authority, said that there is a noticeable demand from importers and their agents of customs brokers to join the ACI system, as the number of registered people has so far exceeded 18 thousand, and 26 thousand ACI numbers have been issued, and 28 thousand exporters have registered. A foreigner has had accounts on the “Blockchain”, since the trial system for pre-registration of shipments was launched last April, stressing that the trial operation period for the new system has been extended, from the end of last July to the end of this September, to serve as a last chance for importers and their agents from customs brokers and exporting companies For Egypt and international multinational companies to register on the new system; To take advantage of the facilities provided by this system in terms of facilitating and automating procedures, and expanding the prior customs release of goods before they reach the ports.


He added that logistical centers have been established in Cairo, east and west Port Said, Port Tawfiq, Ain Sukhna, Damietta, Dekheila, and Alexandria, thus, the "window" platform covers 96% of Egypt's exports and imports, and it is targeted before the end of 2021, that the "window" platform will extend to all the ports of Egypt; In order to complete an integrated customs strategy system, he pointed out that there are incentive benefits that were approved to encourage the business community to join the “ACI” system, which included a 50% discount on the subscription fees for the unified electronic platform for national trade “window” for those who registered the electronic signature in the new system before the end of last August And 30% for those who register in the first half of this September, and 20% for those who register before the end of this September, and a fast track has been allocated in each logistic center for those joining the “ACI” system, giving priority to pre-release, and immediate disclosure of certificates.


Dr. Mona Nasser, Assistant Minister for Customs Follow-up and Development, said that she had noticed in the recent period the inability of some foreign exporters to send invoice data on “Excel sheet” that can be dealt with in the “window” system, and in response to this, foreign exporters were allowed to send “open PDF” invoices. “Read” to the “Blockchain” platform in the event that they are unable to send invoices using the “Sheet Excel” system that is required to be dealt with as structural data in the “Window” system, where this platform, free of charge for 6 months, converts the form of the invoices to “Sheet Excel” and sends them to the “Sheet Excel” platform. A window” for the possibility of dealing with these data, asking importers wishing their exporters to benefit from this service to send the exporters’ invoice forms “5 invoices for each exporter”, as soon as possible to the “Window” system on the e-mail so that they can assist them in this regard.


She indicated the keenness of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Authority to provide all aspects of technical support to importers, customs brokers and owners of shipping agencies, to help them immediately register in the "ACI" system, where they can participate in the periodic meeting that takes place on Mondays and Thursdays of every week at the ministry's headquarters to discuss any challenges and overcome On them, or attend practical training at the Ministry’s headquarters also on Wednesday and Thursday of every week from nine in the morning to five in the evening, which allows the possibility of immediate assistance in registering on the system, and it is also possible to participate in this training “online”, or follow the explanatory videos published on each The electronic platforms of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Authority.