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What is emotional lethargy? Learn the symptoms and causes

While some people express their feelings freely, others may suppress their feelings, and find it difficult to express them appropriately, which is referred to as limited emotional reaction, and various factors such as trauma, mental health, and drug addiction can lead to this condition, according to the report published on “Healthline” website. ".

What is emotional lethargy?

Emotional lethargy is the inability of a person to fully express their emotions, and in some cases some people may not experience any feelings at all and may experience what is called emotional numbness.

How do people suffer from emotional inactivity?

The inability of a person to express feelings, whether it is through speech, writing, or even behavior, is also diminished, and these people may find it difficult to express their feelings on their face, as well as modify the sounds of their speech according to those feelings.

What are the causes of this situation?


Antidepressants can cause a person to become emotionally lethargic. These sedatives can also trigger depressants in your nervous system that reduce a person's ability to feel emotions.


When a person feels empty inside, they may start to feel unreactive to anything that is happening around them. Depression can make a person emotionally rude and make it difficult for them to express their emotions.

Alcohol and drug addiction

Drugs and alcohol can negatively affect the nervous system and cause a person to become disconnected from those around him and the events in life, this makes the person live his life in a state of numbness.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD can cause emotional lethargy due to a person experiencing a traumatic situation in their life. Feelings of emotional disconnection, traumatic memories, and poor mental health can lead to emotional silence.

How can emotional silence affect a person?

It can lead to a person losing their ability to feel sad or happy, feeling restless and losing their appetite. To manage this condition, you should seek help and contact a mental health professional.