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The United Nations renews its call for an international response to solve the crisis in Myanmar

United Nations Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric reiterated the importance of a unified international response to resolve the crisis in Myanmar, and warned of the impact of the protracted crisis on humanitarian access to those in need, as well as education, health and the fight against COVID-19.

The UN spokesman said that the situation is unstable, and the broader repercussions that threaten regional stability; exacerbated by the outbreak of COVID-19, and that the unified international response remains the most important.

According to the United Nations Information Center, the United Nations Population Fund and UN Women in Myanmar warned that the deepening political and health crisis, along with intensifying fighting, is putting more women and girls at risk this year.

The two UN organizations indicated that the deteriorating social and economic situation means that hundreds of thousands of people are now in need of humanitarian assistance.

“Women and girls have been on the front lines as leaders of civil society organizations, civil servants, activists, journalists, artists and influencers, exercising their fundamental rights to express their hopes for the country’s future,” said UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric - on 1 February.