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The English Premier League announces "kneeling on the knee" to combat racism next season

The English Premier League announced the participation of all players from the clubs participating in the “Premier League” championship for the next season 2021/22 in the campaign against racism in stadiums by kneeling in continuation of the campaign that started since the 2019 season until now, after the English Premier League meeting with the leaders of the teams participating in the competition .

The meeting also decided that players and referees should wear anti-racism sleeve armbands so that there is a deterrent to accidents that occur in the tournament by some of the few elements that affected a number of the English Premier League stars.

Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, said: "The Premier League, our clubs, our players and match officials have long been committed to tackling racism and all forms of discrimination.

"Following the club leaders meeting, this collective commitment was underlined and the Premier League will continue to support the strong voice of players on this important issue."

"Racism in any form is unacceptable and there is no room for racism to make our stance of zero tolerance," Masters explained.

"The Premier League will continue to work with our clubs, players and football partners to bring about tangible change to remove inequality from our game," he stressed.

Mohamed Salah, the star of the Egyptian national team and Liverpool FC, was subjected to a racist incident in the 2019/22 season before facing Norwich City, which was held at Anfield, in the first round of the English Premier League competition.


The English newspaper "Liverpool Echo" reported at the time that one of the Everton fans directed racist phrases and insults to the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah on Twitter, which angered the fans of Everton and Liverpool.


The newspaper added that the Everton club opened an investigation to ascertain whether the fan who sent racist phrases to the Egyptian star was a fan of the club or not, before taking the necessary measures regarding him, and the Everton administration decided to inform the police authorities to investigate this matter.


And the newspaper spoke that the Everton administration expressed its anger at the incident of racism that Mohamed Salah was subjected to, as it condemns in the strongest terms any type of racism.


It is worth noting that Mohamed Salah was previously subjected to racist insults by West Ham United and Chelsea fans.