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Morocco: Efforts continue to put out forest fires in the Chefchaouen province

 The director of the Moroccan Center for Climate Risk Management in Morocco, Fouad Assali, confirmed that about 520 members of the water and forest authorities, civil protection, auxiliary forces, armed forces and local authorities are still working to put out the fires.

Al-Assali said - in a statement today - that the forces concerned with extinguishing the fires were supported by four planes specialized in extinguishing the fires belonging to the Moroccan armed forces and four other planes belonging to the Royal Gendarmerie, noting that the Moroccan firefighting authorities are continuing their efforts to put out the fire that broke out on Saturday evening and came during the two days. He added that investigations are currently underway to determine the causes of this fire.

"The wind direction is not conducive to controlling the fires" that are still burning in the forest and that have been burning since Saturday afternoon, said Rachid Anzi, regional director of water and forests in Chefchaouen.

He stressed that the fires, which were used by four specialized planes to extinguish them, have not left any human losses so far, explaining that the priority was "preventing the spread of fire towards the populated areas near the forest." He added that the initial outcome of the losses resulting from the fire indicates the damage of about 200 hectares of forests .

While the causes of the fire are not yet known, Al-Enezi indicated that high temperatures and winds were two factors that helped spread it.

Since Friday, Morocco has been witnessing a severe heat wave that is expected to continue until Monday and reach 49 degrees in some areas, according to the Meteorological Department in a warning bulletin.

The Kingdom had previously witnessed a similar heat wave last month, which led to the outbreak of 20 forest fires between July 9 and 11, which burned about 1,200 hectares, according to the Department of Water and Forests in mid-July.