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Karim Hindawi "High Dam" in the den of the Pharaohs of the Hand

In important times, men’s minerals appear, which was demonstrated by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and it was evident in the hand team, which continued its strong performances since the last World Championship that was held in Egypt, until its honorable performance in the Olympics, where the Pharaohs of the hand defeated Germany 31/26, and qualified for the role of Semi-final match against France at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Karim Hindawi, the protector of the Pharaohs' den, and the star of the handball team, once again proved the sincerity of the saying "the goalkeeper is half a team", and during the Sweden match, Hindawi was on time, to shine and provide his goal brilliantly and competently and clearly affect the result and the victory of the team.

“Katunga”, as the hand lovers nickname him, succeeded during the match. He managed to save 17 shots out of a total of 38 shots during the Sweden match, with a success rate of 45%, which makes him the man of the match between Egypt and Sweden after he played an influential role in the outcome of the meeting.

Karim Hendawy, Egypt goalkeeper, was born on May 1, 1988. He currently plays for the Turkish club Besiktas, after playing for Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Dobroga Sud Constana clubs in Romania.

"The Octopus" started his sports career at Al-Shams Club, and drew attention to him, which made offers showered on him by a large group of clubs, led by Al-Ahly and Zamalek, but in the end he preferred to move to the Red Castle.


At the beginning of the youth stage, the "octopus" moved to Al-Ahly club, and won the title of best goalkeeper in the World Youth Cup in 2009, and his contract with Al-Ahmar was supposed to expire after the tournament, but after waiting, none of Al-Ahly officials spoke about renewing the contract, which led to He received an offer from Zamalek and agreed to it, and joined the White Castle in 2015. However, after the expiration of his contract with Zamalek, he returned to Al-Ahly club again.


After his return to Al-Ahly club, Hindawi’s crisis with the Red Club renewed again. After the end of his contract, the club’s management did not talk to him about renewing the contract, which prompted Zamalek to submit a new offer to join Katunga for the white team, and the player agreed again to repeat the previous scenario.


The "octopus" contributed to the crowning of Zamalek club in achieving the historic quartet, which includes the African Cup of Cups, the local league, the Egypt Cup and the African Champions League.


After shining with Zamalek, he received a professional offer from the Turkish club Besiktas and moved to it, and succeeded in crowning with the Turkish Besiktas in the League, the Turkish Cup and the Turkish Super Handball, and also professionally in the "Romanian" Constanta team, before returning again to the Turkish team Besiktas, and then to the Romanian Constanta , Currently without a contract and there are many offers to include him.