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Finance: Empowering women with leadership positions to achieve economic goals

The Ministry of Finance honored the exemplary mothers and pioneers of work at the Ministry of Finance, who had clear fingerprints in exercising their functional competencies and caring for their families, in a celebration organized by the Trade Union Committee for Workers in the Ministry of Finance. In appreciation of their humanitarian, professional, and patriotic giving.


The Ministry affirmed its keenness to empower women working in the Ministry of Finance, so that the competencies of women rise to leadership positions, in a way that contributes to the elaborate implementation of financial and economic objectives. In line with the state’s efforts towards empowering women in all walks of life; As the password behind building strong civilizations, societies are advanced.


The ministry expressed its happiness to participate in this celebration, saying: "It is a good opportunity to pay tribute to all the great women of Egypt in the various fields of human, national and civil giving. They are the real support and the greatest supporter in the process of economic reform and development."


The Ministry of Finance addressed a speech to Dr. Mona Nasser, Assistant Minister for Follow-up, Project Management and Customs Development, during her honoring among the ideal female entrepreneurs at the Ministry of Finance, saying: “You are an example of success, diligence and dedication to work.” She also addressed a speech to Samar Mahfouz, Head of the Local Administration Budget Sector, saying: “You are the first woman to lead this vital sector, for the achievements you have made during your career, and for the elements you possess of rational management.” She also addressed a speech to Sarah Eid, Head of the Transparency and Community Participation Unit, saying: “You are a model for promising young competencies, and I expect you in the future. Brilliant.”


Among the honors from exemplary female entrepreneurs at the Ministry of Finance are: Howayda Ramadan Ibrahim, head of the central administration’s budget department, Amal Ibrahim Mustafa, head of the central administration’s government accounts, and Dr. Nashwa Sharaf El-Din, director general of the Administrative Training Center.


The ideal honored mothers from the local administration sector are: Samia Muhammad Kamal Ibrahim, Sahar Badawi Muhammad Badawi, Iman Ali Ali Muhammad, Azza Khalifa Abdul Rahman, Mona Shihab Ahmad Ali, and in the public budget sector: Naima Muhammad Shehata, Iman Mahmoud Muhammad Salheen and Samia Jalal Mr. Ahmed, Shereen Nabil Abdel Azim, Nadia Ahmed Fadil Mohamed Shaker, Iman Sayed Mahfouz, Amal Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah, and in the sector of economic bodies and units: Souad Abdel Majid Abdel Aal, Marsa Lamei Suleiman, Neamat Mohamed El Sayed Ahmed, and in the sector of the Minister’s office: Hala Khadrawi Ali Imam, Nahed Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Khayat, Lamia Ahmed Abdel Rahim, Sabah Mohamed Saleh Owais, Amal Mohamed Ahmed Alwan, Bushra El-Sayed Hajjaj Khalil, Afaf Rashidi Mohamed Abdel Rahman, and in the general secretariat sector: Nadia Fahim Abdel Wahab, Iman Hassan Ahmed Mohamed Shaheen, Basta Saleh Dahab, Hiam Sobhi Ahmed, and in the accounts and financial directorates sector: Fatima Khalil Muhammad Khalil, Manal Ali Ahmad, Farida Abdel Moneim Muhammad Miami, Nawal Ahmad Ramadan Ramadan, Najwa Muhammad Kamel, Amina Musa Mahmoud, Siham Muhammad Abu Saree, and Saadia Abdullah Ibrahim, Kawthar Hamza Abu Al-Ela, and Maha Muhammad Abdo, Hala Mahmoud Attia, and in the finance sector: Wafaa Kamal Muhammad Daoud, Ibtisam Farhat Muhammad, Mervat Muhammad Muhammad Qansouh, Atiyat Mohsen Mustafa, Magda Abdel Halim Abdel-Fath, Suad Ibrahim Muhammad Saleh, and in the final accounts: Hala Abdel Rahman Ahmed El-Shazly, Hala Mohamed Abdel Majid Al Moselhi, Narrator Farouk Salah El Din, and Manal Salah Khamis.

Adel Abdel-Fadil, head of the General Syndicate of Workers in the Ministry of Finance, Taxes and Customs, and Chairman of the Manpower Committee in the House of Representatives, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Finance for his keenness to honor female entrepreneurs and ideal mothers, which reflects his belief in the ability of Egyptian women to give, and to exert more effort for the sake of the nation’s advancement and progress. In addition to his interest in strengthening communication with employees of the Ministry of Finance, and developing human cadres in line with development and digitization projects taking place in various sectors and revenue interests.


Khaled Al-Sayyad, head of the union committee for workers in the Ministry of Finance, said that we are keen to hold this celebration annually; Because of his positive impact on the hearts of honorable female models at the Ministry of Finance, who deserve praise and appreciation.