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European spokesman: Diplomatic efforts with Iraq to return its immigrants from Lithuania

The European Union affirmed that it continues to exert its diplomatic efforts and communicate with Iraqi officials to urge them to assume their responsibilities and to re-admit their citizens of immigrants who arrived in Lithuania illegally through Belarus.

European Union Commission spokesman Adelbert Yannis said, according to the Italian agency "AKI", that diplomatic work is continuing with Iraq to resolve the issue, as a proposal was submitted to restrict entry visas granted to citizens of several countries, including Iraq, to ​​urge them to cooperate more in the issue of recovering irregular migrants.

The Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Ylva Johansen, stressed during her two-day visit to Lithuania that what is happening on the border between Belarus and Lithuania is not a migration crisis but a political issue.

European officials had made several contacts with senior Iraqi officials, in an attempt to put pressure on Baghdad to stop the flow of migrants brought from Iraq to Belarus and facilitate their illegal crossing into Lithuania, an EU member state.

Although the institutions and countries of the Union see this act as a provocative attempt by Belarus, it does not absolve Baghdad of responsibility, given that the majority of transients assert that they hold Iraqi citizenship.