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Afghanistan's delegate to the United Nations: Opportunity is available to prevent the country from sliding into civil war

Afghanistan's permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Ghulam Isakzai, stressed that the opportunity is still available to prevent Afghanistan from sliding into civil war, calling on the Security Council and the Secretary-General of the United Nations to use all available means to call for an immediate cessation of violence and respect for human rights and humanitarian laws. international.

And he stated, during his speech before the UN Security Council in its session held to discuss the developments in the situation in Afghanistan, that he is speaking on behalf of millions of Afghans whose fate is at stake.

Isaaczai also called for the use of all available means to call for the urgent establishment of a humanitarian corridor

He called for the formation of an inclusive and representative transitional government that includes all ethnic groups, and the establishment of international guarantees for the implementation of a future political agreement