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Violent storm hits northern Italy, snow shatters car windows

The city of Parma in northern Italy witnessed a storm, accompanied by the fall of large snowflakes, which caused great material losses, especially for cars traveling on the roads in Fidenza, northern Italy.

Video footage showed large amounts of snow falling in large quantities, hitting cars like bullets, and shattering glass.

The storm caused damage to cars and trees, and there were no reports of injuries or casualties, and the roads witnessed a congestion of cars that stopped traffic because their windows were shattered in the snow storm, according to the "Russia Today" network.

In the context of severe storms, the coast of Japan was hit by a tropical storm today, Tuesday, whose winds and rain delayed the start of the women's triathlon, as well as the possibility of postponing two softball medal matches later in the day, after organizers moved the events of the surfing medal a day ahead of schedule. scheduled.

Storm "Nepartak" that hit the eastern coast of Japan in the early hours of the day continues to pose a threat to the Olympic events scheduled for this day, although it did not hit the host city with devastating winds and rain as initially expected. According to the Japanese newspaper (Japan Times) on its website.

Hot, humid and unstable summer weather patterns in Japan have been a constant concern for the "Tokyo 2020" Olympic Games, which opened on Friday, exacerbating the difficulties for the Games held under the state of emergency to combat the emerging corona virus "Covid-19" pandemic.