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UN: Myanmar crisis threatens to harm an entire generation of children

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has warned that the rights of children in Myanmar are facing an attack that threatens to destroy an entire generation. The committee indicated - in a statement today, Friday in Geneva - that since the beginning of the political crisis in the country, according to reliable information obtained by it, 75 children have been killed and about a thousand arbitrarily detained. It also denied countless basic medical care and education.


The UN committee, which condemned the killing of children by the police and the military council in Myanmar, denounced the arbitrary detention of children in police stations, prisons and military detention centers and pointed out that according to the information, the military authorities took the children hostage when they were unable to arrest their parents.


The Committee expressed its deep concern about the significant interruption of basic medical care and school education in the entire country, as well as the access of children in rural areas to safe drinking water and food. The Committee said that the UN Human Rights Office had received credible reports of the occupation and subsequent destruction of hospitals, schools and religious institutions by security forces. in military operations.


The UN Committee noted UNICEF reports that about one million children in Myanmar lack basic vaccinations, while more than 40,000 children are no longer receiving treatment for severe acute malnutrition. The Committee warned that if the crisis continues in Myanmar, an entire generation of children is at risk of physical, psychological, emotional, educational and economic suffering and called for immediate measures to be taken to find a peaceful solution to the crisis and urged Myanmar to fulfill its obligations under the Convention to protect and promote the rights of children.