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Tokyo Olympics.. Table Association reveals the secret of Hana Gouda's participation with the national team

Hana Gouda announced the table player, during the past hours, that she received the card to participate with the team in the Olympic Games, which will start from July 23 to August 8, which sparked controversy in light of the federation’s assertion that the selection is based on rules and conditions, which were not It is available in the player, so that the list of participants was announced, which was devoid of her name.

During the past weeks, a crisis erupted after she appealed here to the quality of sports and federation officials to participate in the Olympics based on the results she achieved in the local championships in front of her competitors despite her young age, but the federation came out at the time and issued a statement that participation is based on specific conditions, then announced the participation list, which included The trio, Dina Musharraf, Yousra Helmy, in addition to Farah Abdel Aziz, at the women's level, and at the men's level, the quadruple Ahmed Saleh and Muhammad Al-Baili were chosen, in addition to the two brothers Omar Aser and Khaled Aser, without the name of the player here Gouda.

After the player announced that she had received the participation card, the seventh day was keen to communicate with the officials of the Table Tennis Federation to reveal the reason for her participation and travel with the mission to Tokyo.

Moataz Ashour, head of the Table Tennis Federation, confirmed that the player will participate in reserve, that is, she will not participate in competitions, and will not play matches, but her travel came in anticipation of an injury to one of the participants.

Hana Gouda is the youngest player to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, at the age of 13 years and only several months.