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The style of raising children defines their personalities and shapes the nature of their future

All parents see that every decision they make in their lives builds their children's character and determines how they will be in the future, and some parents may find it difficult to determine when they can be assertive and when they can be a little lenient with their children, and researchers have identified four of the most popular strategies they use Most parents, in dealing with their children.

Brightside presents a report on how the four parenting methods will affect children in the future. They are firmness, democracy, complacency and neglect



There is a type of parents who are always keen to be in control of their children in all matters of their lives without even listening to the children’s point of view in anything, and they consider that their children’s attempt to discuss with them in any decision they make is a useless argument, and these parents do not try To think about the feelings of their children, and in the event that any of the children tries to violate the rules set by the parents, that child is subjected to violent punishment without the parents trying to direct him to the correct behavior, and this method of education that some parents use usually makes the child unable to Make a decision in the future, and make him more dependent on those around him, and make him tend to use violence always with his friends or even when forming his own family.


Parents set some rules for their children as well, but the different thing is that they are usually keen to provide logical reasons for these decisions and the rules they set, and they try to communicate their point of view to their children in a simplified manner, and these parents are always interested in knowing their children’s personal opinions on what is going on around them, and they appreciate their feelings and may change their decisions if it harms their children’s mental health, and instead of punishing them for breaking the rules, these parents teach their children how to behave in a correct manner, and usually this type of parents gives their children space to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes without exposing them to punishment, and those children who They have democratic parents whose personality is characterized by the ability to make rational, correct decisions, and their confidence in themselves and their abilities increases over time, in addition to the fact that they are able to make good relationships with others.


Some parents tend to be lenient with their children most of the time, although they also set rules, but they are not keen that their children abide by these rules, they find it difficult to refuse what their children ask or ignore their desires, but these parents do not care much By violating their children when they make a mistake, even if it is big, and they exaggerate the feelings of their children in a negative way, and this method of education makes children unable to abide by any rules in the future, which may negatively affect their social life, and these children usually suffer from low The level of their self-confidence, and their academic achievement is also low.


Some parents are not interested in following a certain method in raising their children, and as a result, children grow up without feeling a great influence of their parents in their lives, they did not find their parents to set rules for their behavior, and they did not get enough support from their parents when they needed it, but often it is not Parents neglecting their children in this way is a deliberate thing. These cases often appear if the family is busy with a lot of work or if the number of children is large. Of course, the children who are exposed to this neglect then suffer from a lack of self-confidence and the inability to deal with others in a decent manner.