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The decline in Egyptian imports of fish to 945 million pounds in one month

Government data monitored a decline in Egyptian fish imports in the recent period, as the value of Egypt's imports of fish, including preserved fish, amounted to about 945 million and 584 thousand pounds "59 million and 99 thousand dollars" - 16 pounds, the average price of the dollar against the pound - last March While it was one billion and 390 million pounds "86 million and 915 thousand dollars" in March 2020, a decrease of 445 million pounds "27 million and 816 thousand dollars."


The data issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics monitored that Egypt’s imports of fish came among the list of the most important Egyptian imports of non-durable consumer goods, with a total value of one billion and 126 million dollars last March, compared to one billion and 237 million dollars in the same month in 2020, a decline Its value amounted to about 111 million and 244 thousand dollars.


Among the most important imports of non-durable consumer goods, meat was worth 137 million and 838 thousand dollars last March, compared to 148 million and 863 thousand dollars in the same month in 2020, a decrease of about 11 million dollars, followed by dairy and its products, which amounted to 63 million and 232 thousand dollars. Compared to 88 million and 100 thousand dollars during the comparison period, a decrease of 24 million and 868 thousand dollars.