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The Algerian president hails the holding of legislative elections in accordance with democratic rules

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune praised the role of actors in the political arena and civil society actors and the efforts that contributed to the holding of the recent legislative elections that were held on June 12, while praising at the same time the role of the army and security services in surrounding the legislative elections with an atmosphere of calm and reassurance.

In a televised speech on Sunday evening, on the eve of Algeria's celebration of the 59th anniversary of Independence Day, President Tebboune expressed his confidence that holding early legislative elections is an important step on the path to completing a sound path and opening promising prospects for the people to choose their representatives and exercise popular sovereignty through the fund, according to the rules. democracy.

He said that "the Algerian people - who secured their victorious march with the Charter of reference of November - are able to refute the intentions of suspicious trends and their maneuvers to undermine the security and stability of the country, and are determined to confront strongly and firmly anyone who begs himself to attack the strong Algeria with its people and army."

President Tebboune stressed that the Algerian people - as they salute the feast of the restoration of national sovereignty and are inspired by the genius of their sons and from the original blessed movement and a national awareness that is always burning - are on a high degree of vigilance to realize the higher interests of the nation and the milestones of its safe path to fulfillment, unity and victory.

He added: "Our honor to honor the commitments we undertook and established a program and priorities for serving the people will continue to lead our steps with confidence to the desired goals, with the support of the zealous patriots who are steadfast on the November principles, to fight corruption and fraud, control public life, spread the spirit of initiative, encourage investment and create wealth, and devote citizenship, civic sense and pride. identity and belonging.