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The Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque completes its preparations to receive worshipers on the Day of Arafa and the Eid prayer

The Agency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque has completed its preparations to receive the worshipers who will flock to the Prophet’s Mosque on the day of Arafa, the ninth of Dhul-Hijjah, and the Eid al-Adha prayer, by mobilizing all human and mechanical energies.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the official spokesperson for the General Presidency Agency for the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs, Assistant Undersecretary for Relations and Media Affairs, Jamaan bin Abdullah Al-Asiri, explained that the agency has completed all its preparations to receive visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque on the day of Arafa and Eid al-Adha prayers, and that it has recruited nearly 2,500 employees and nearly 4,000 thousand workers. And about 900 male and female volunteers, in addition to the security force of the Prophet’s Mosque and the Hajj and Umrah security force, all to facilitate the arrival of worshipers to the Noble Prophet’s Mosque and to perform their worship in an atmosphere of faith dominated by reverence and tranquility.

He added that all the gates leading to the Prophet's Mosque were equipped with thermal detection cameras and medical teams from the Ministry of Health and the Red Crescent to ensure the safety and health of all worshipers and to stress to everyone the importance of adhering to all precautionary measures.

Al-Asiri confirmed that the agency had prepared iftar meals for those fasting on this blessed day, as well as packages of Zamzam water and regular water to be distributed in all the corridors, roof and courtyards of the mosque, and carpets were laid until, by God's grace, they included the new western square.

Al-Asiri indicated that the agency has prepared about 3,000 toilets, in addition to the places for ablution renewal located in the squares, in order to facilitate the access of worshipers to them, where daily sterilization and disinfection of the Prophet’s Mosque, its surface and its courtyards are carried out around the clock to make it a safe and reassuring environment.

Al-Asiri continued, saying that transportation carts and carts for the elderly were equipped and placed at the entrances to transport the elderly and people with special needs.

Al-Asiri called on visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque to adhere to the precautionary measures and to abide by the instructions notified to them by the workers and security men to wear a mask, bring a special rug with every serum, not bring food and bring children, and that they should go to the sites designated for prayer and stay away from crowded sites, and that all doors and corridors will be prepared, God willing. come.

He explained that the worshipers will be directed to pray inside the Prophet’s Mosque, and when the operational capacity is completed according to the precautionary measures, the direction will be directed to the surface and then to the squares, then the crowds will be directed to the new western square.