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Swimming Federation President: The attack on the champions is unjustified, and we demand patience after Taekwondo excels

Engineer Yasser Idris, head of the Swimming Federation and a member of the Olympic Committee's board of directors, said that the head of the Olympic Committee, Hisham Hatab, decided to remain silent about the unjustified attack on the Egyptian delegation's players participating in the Olympic Games in Tokyo.


He added, that the President of the Olympic Committee remained silent and directed the officials of the sports federations to remain silent as well and direct the players to focus and not follow the attack against the mission in an unjustified manner, noting that he is preparing a daily report with the results compared to what was planned by the Committee and the federations before the mission traveled to Tokyo. To be a clear account statement for everyone.


He commented on the taekwondo bronze medals for Saif Issa and Hedaya Malak, stressing that he demanded patience for the mission and the results will happen and the mission will return with the best result in the history of Egypt's participation in the Olympic Games, calling on the Egyptian people to support the players and champions in the next stage.


Egyptian taekwondo player Seif Issa won the second bronze medal for Egypt in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, after defeating his Norwegian competitor Andre Ordman, 12-4, in the bronze medal match in the 80-kg weight category.


Hedaya Malak, a female taekwondo player, won the bronze medal in the 67-kg weight category at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, after defeating Baiji, the American player, 17-6.