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Summer drinks: 3 make sure to eat them and 4 others stay away from them

With the hot summer waves, everyone is looking for drinks to help him recover and get rid of the heat. Our bodies consume more fluids when their temperature rises, and we feel thirsty during the sunny summer days. There are some drinks that should be taken care of during the summer and others that should be avoided in the summer. temperatures, according to the website "onlymyhealth".

Popular summer drinks to avoid

Sweetened beverages containing coffee:

 Like an extremely high-calorie Frappuccino with at least 400 calories in a 16-ounce cup, one cup may contain the whole meal's carb value, as it contains the caffeine and saturated fats from the milk.

Lemonade :

  Lemon juice may help quench your thirst because acidic drinks are linked to refreshments, they contain some vitamin C that may ward off certain diseases, and, worse, cause your blood sugar to spike, and excess carbs will turn into fat if not used throughout the day.

Energy Drinks:

  An average of 16 ounces of caffeine is equivalent to about two cups of coffee, and the sweet taste can trick you into drinking more caffeine than you normally would, the sugar in energy drinks can also cause your blood sugar to drop, leading to a stroke. 'collapse' rather than increase in energy.

Soft drinks:

Noted for the extra calories, carbs, sugar, and high-fructose corn syrup that all contribute to weight gain and obesity, phosphoric acid, which is commonly used to remove rust and flavor some soda drinks, can lead to calcium loss in the bones.

Refreshing drinks to have

iced tea:

It's less harmful than many other options and can be a good-tasting way to stay cold. However, you can make delicious iced tea at home and sweeten to your taste using natural organic sweeteners, such as raw honey.

Coconut water:

  An excellent natural health drink as it is known to lower blood pressure and keep hydration levels high while providing nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

water :

 It is the best and healthiest drink option. It's hard to get plenty of water on a hot day. If drinking only plain water progresses quickly, there are other ways to increase your water intake and feel refreshed.