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Signs appearing on your face that reveal the condition of your body, including pimples and eye puffiness

Your face is the only part of your body that you see several times a day. It is the face that tells the story of the whole body. A face appears very tired or depressed when a person is ill or depressed. In contrast, a contented and glowing face appears in happy times and when a person is healthy. Good, so there are some other important factors that tell us about your health condition that appears on your face, according to the "Times of India" website.


Yellowing of the face and eyes

The face and eyes turn yellow due to the accumulation of a lot of waste in your body and the rupture of red blood cells as well. Jaundice can be accompanied by many other serious health problems such as viral infections (hepatitis, mononucleosis), gallbladder and others.

hair loss

Hair loss can be an indication of alopecia areata if you lose your eyelashes or eyebrows, as well as the presence of patches in your hair, as this disease has to do with your immune system, which targets your hair follicles and thus hair loss patches appear on your face and some medications or tonics prescribed by Doctor can help regenerate hair follicles.

puffy eyes

They are caused by fluid in the area under your eyes that gives a puffy appearance, and may be caused by lack of sleep or excessive salt consumption, hormonal changes, hot humid weather, or due to aging where the muscles that support the eyelids weaken with age, allergies or excessive Using make-up or using unsuitable soaps or perfumes.

Hair growth in undesirable areas of the face

How annoying it is to find hair growing where you don't want it in areas of the face, as it can be seen in men around the ears and eyebrows or around the chin in women, and this condition is not severe but in some cases it can be a sign or symptom of PCOS in women.

dry and bleeding lips

Cracked or dry lips are especially common during the winter season. Vaseline, coconut oil, or balms can help protect and moisturize them. They may be caused by health issues such as dehydration, allergies, or an allergic reaction to a medication such as steroids.


Moles are nothing to worry about. They may be birthmarks or harmless birthmarks. However, if you notice abnormal changes occurring in them in terms of colour, shape, size or feel, you definitely need to consult a doctor, as they can be a big sign of cancer.


Blisters or cold sores are produced by the herpes simplex virus type 1, while oral herpes is the most common type, spread through saliva or body fluids, and it is an infectious disease that remains dormant inside the human body throughout his life, and when this virus is active, symptoms such as Sores and sores may be the result of a person feeling depressed or suffering from stress or an illness.

drooping eyelids

Ptosis that limits vision may be present from birth and is usually harmless, but it may indicate a problem with the brain, nerves, or eye socket, and here you should consult a doctor if accompanied by muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, severe headache, or vision. Dual.

bumps in the eyelids

It is a yellow, bumpy form that appears on and around the upper and lower eyelids. It may be the result of cholesterol. It is not harmful or painful and can usually be removed. Sometimes it can also indicate heart disease or a person's risk of heart attack.


Melasma is gray-brown patches of skin that appear on the face, and are caused by a hormonal change during pregnancy or while using some birth control medications, and usually fade on their own in the post-pregnancy period or when the woman stops taking medications in these circumstances.