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Russia summons Japan's ambassador over Tokyo's demands to return the Kuril Islands

On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Japanese ambassador to Moscow, Toyohisa Kozuki, to protest against Tokyo's unfriendly steps in the context of Japan's territorial claims to Russia regarding the return of the Kuril Islands, calling for the implementation of the findings of Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the upgrading of the islands. relations between the two countries.

A statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov expressed to the Japanese ambassador to Moscow strong protest against the unfriendly steps taken by Tokyo in recent days in the context of Japan's territorial claims to Russia.

The statement added, "The Russian Foreign Ministry urged the Japanese partners not to slide into a destructive line in bilateral relations," calling on Tokyo to return to implementing the agreements previously reached between the leaders on raising Russian-Japanese relations to a qualitatively new level through the comprehensive development of trade and economic cooperation. Confidence-building measures in the security field and convergence of positions in international affairs. The summoning of the Japanese ambassador to Moscow to the Russian Foreign Ministry came after Japan summoned the Russian ambassador to Tokyo to protest against the visit of the Russian Prime Minister to the disputed Kuril Islands between the two countries.