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Palestinian engineers win the "Phoenix" award for designing the reconstruction of Beirut Port

Four Palestinian engineers won the first place in the “Phoenix” International Prize, which aims to address risk areas around the world and evoke innovative ideas for the reconstruction of the stricken areas, for the project titled “Producing Beirut after the Explosion”, which focuses on the design and reconstruction of Beirut Port, Which was destroyed by an explosion on August 4, 2020, and won first place, outperforming 13 other projects, while a Russian team won second place, and an Italian team ranked third.


And the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported that the winning project - prepared by four Palestinian architects from Birzeit University graduates - aims to rebuild the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and make it a productive city that depends on its own potential, and to recycle materials from the explosive remnants, and use them in reconstruction, as well as Creating public spaces and popular markets, in addition to providing housing for those affected by the explosion, as about 300,000 Lebanese lost shelter as a result of this disaster.


Those in charge of this project aspire to be adopted and implemented by donor countries and those supporting the reconstruction of the port.