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Learn about the health effects of soda drinks, including low bone density

Soda can have harmful effects on our bodies. These drinks also make you crave more calories and carbs. Some studies suggest that consuming these drinks is also associated with higher risks. Here is a list of the health effects of diet soda, according to the “only my health” website.

Health effects of soda drinks


1. Acne


There are studies that show that diet soda can cause acne, dry your skin, which leads to the activation of the sebaceous glands, and this may lead to the appearance of acne, and it also accelerates the aging and the formation of dark circles.

2. Erosion of tooth enamel


Diet soda is just as harmful as regular soda for your teeth. Eating soda erodes the outer layer - the enamel, and this happens due to the acidic nature of this drink. Soda contains pressurized carbon dioxide which makes it acidic, which can also lead to tooth discoloration and cavities.

3. Addictive


We all know that soda is addictive and that our bodies tend to get used to the taste of artificial sweeteners. Once you consume soda, you may feel more thirsty and crave more soda. The presence of caffeine is a plus for us to be more dependent on these drinks.


4. Low bone density


Soft drinks have a negative impact on bone health due to their corrosive nature. Soda drinks slow the boosting of calcium in the bones because it alters the pH levels in the blood. Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis.


5. Diabetes


Soft drinks interfere with certain enzymes in your gut, which can lead to various metabolic problems such as insulin resistance. According to the studies conducted, the consumption of these drinks is directly linked to an increased risk of diabetes.

6. Cause headaches


The artificial sweeteners used in diet soda are not good for your health. These sweeteners can be up to 200 times sweeter than regular sugar.