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Italian Interior: 20,359 immigrants have arrived on the Italian coasts since the beginning of this year

The Italian Ministry of the Interior said that since the beginning of this year and so far, 20,359 migrants have arrived on the coast of the country, explaining that in the same period last year, there were 6,715 immigrants, while the number stopped at only 2,601 in 2019.

"In the past three days, 565 people have arrived on our coasts, which brings the total number of people who have arrived by sea to Italy since the beginning of the month to 5,667," the Italian agency, Aki, said in a statement.

She noted that of the more than 23,300 migrants who arrived in Italy in 2021, 3,144 are of Bengali nationality (15%), while “the others come from Tunisia (2962, 15%), Ivory Coast (1618, 8%), and Eritrea (1195). , 6%), Sudan (1142, 6%), Guinea (1.065, 5%), Morocco (924, 4%), Iran (821, 4%), and then Mali (661, 3%).

Italian security sources had announced that the air force of the Malian police forces had intercepted two sailing boats carrying 179 migrants, off the coast of Calabria overlooking the Ionian Sea, and that the first continent was carrying 80 people (including three women and dozens of minors) and the second 99 people. including six women and three minors), as the two boats were sailing towards the shores of the city of Crotone, east of Calabria.

The mayor of Lampedusa, Salvatore Martello, said, "This latest tragedy of migrants in the Mediterranean is very painful, so what must happen next to make Italy and Europe understand that it is no longer possible to proceed like this."

Martello requested a meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi to confront the phenomenon of the entire migratory flows according to a different approach, free from speculations of political disparity and focus on real protection of human rights.