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Iraqi forces capture the "security Assad" of ISIS

The State Security Media Cell in Iraq announced the arrest of "Assad Security" in the "ISIS" organization, during an operation in Nineveh Governorate, in the north of the country.

And she said in a press statement: "The Tal Afar Crime Office of the Directorate of Combating Crime, Nineveh Police Command, after receiving accurate information through continuous follow-up, research and investigation, was able to arrest the dangerous terrorist nicknamed (Abu Youssef, Asad Al-Amniah)."

She added, "The arrested person was responsible for transporting explosive devices inside the city of Mosul, and he also took responsibility for the so-called Bait Al-Mal Oil Committee during the period of ISIS control over the city of Mosul."

And she continued: "He came with his confessions about the effects of the injury on his body, that he was wounded in the battles to liberate the old city of Mosul, where he was arrested in the Yarmouk neighborhood on the right side of the city of Mosul."