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French planes decorate the sky of Paris with the national flag on Bastille Day

Today, July 14, France celebrates the French National Day "Bastille Day". French President Emmanuel Macron was keen to document his country's celebrations on this occasion, and published a video through his personal account on the Instagram website, showing French planes drawing the French flag in the sky of Paris.

Macron sent a message of congratulations to the French people on the occasion of the French National Day celebrations, as he wrote a tweet a while ago through his personal account on Twitter, saying, "Happy July 14 to all of you, come to the Republic, long live France."

The celebration of the French Bastille Day was considered the first step to the establishment of the French Revolution, which eventually led to the establishment of the state. On July 14, more than 8000 people, men and women, stormed the prison castle in Paris, known as the “Bastille” prison, to demand the release of political prisoners. detained there.

The French President had announced that vaccination against the Corona virus would be mandatory for some groups by next September, and Macron tweeted on his official account on the “Twitter” website, saying: “Vaccination will be mandatory by September 15 for all care providers and employees in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and institutions for the disabled. and those who work in contact with the elderly or vulnerable, including at home.