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Find out about wholesale fish prices today in the transit market

The Fish Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce confirmed the stability of fish prices a few days before Eid al-Adha, as prices were recorded in the transit market for wholesale Friday 7-9-2021, Aswan tilapia between 17-37 pounds per kilo, tilapia farms 1 kilo 20-22 pounds, tilapia farms 2 to score 17-19, while tilapia fillet 30 - 110 pounds per kilo.

The mullet "1" recorded 55-65 pounds per kilo, and mullet 2 ranged between 47-53 pounds, the prices of Souissi pasta were 70-80 pounds per kilo, and the price of coral "1" ranged between 28-32 pounds per kilo, and bourbon between " 1 "for 34-40 pounds per kilo, and 2" bourbon 25-35 pounds per kilo.

Smooth white "2" recorded 25-35 pounds per kilo, white peel prices ranged between 70-100 pounds per kilo, frozen shrimp "2" 85-165 pounds per kilo, shrimp "3" 90-150 pounds per kilo, and "2" coral settled 23-27 One pound per kilo, and frozen coral 15-25 pounds per kilo