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Everton fans reject Benitez's appointment because of the phrase 'small club

Everton fans became angry after the announcement of the appointment of Rafael Benitez as coach of the team for the next 3 seasons, and caused a revolution on the part of the club's fans through social media, rejecting the appointment decision.

And social networking sites caught a lot of comments from Everton fans, one of whom said: “The fall of the people’s club,” and another said simply: “Benitez, get out.” A third said: No morals, no dignity, no personality, in a sign from these fans to reject the coach.

The anger of Everton fans comes because of Rafael's previous stances against the club when he was coach of the Liverpool team, as he described Everton as a small club, in 2007, which made hostility take root before he came and signed.

Before the decision to appoint Benitez, a sign was placed threatening him by some fanatics who reject his presence, near the area where the coach and his family live, reading "We know where you live, don't sign", and many fans vowed that they would not return to Goodison Park in Liverpool, Everton's stronghold, as long as this coach is at the helm of the team's technical management.

Benitez spent six years coaching Liverpool and won the Champions League and FA Cup before leaving in 2010. With this new signing, Rafael becomes an outcast from Liverpool fans as he heads to the other club in the city, Everton, where the two teams are linked with a historical enmity in the neighborhood rule in the English city.

 Rafael Benitez is the second coach ever to take charge of both Everton and Liverpool in the history of the two clubs, after William Edward Barkley, who was the first coach of Everton in 1888 and Liverpool in 1892.

And the coach tried with his first steps with the Toffees to absolve himself of a phrase he said 14 years ago, which the team fans did not forget, as he said after signing him: “I was wrong when I said that Everton is a small club, what I wanted to say is that they are a small team because in this match I remember That they had one chance.


Benitez, who coached Real Madrid after the dismissal of Carlo Ancelotti in 2015, agreed to coach Everton, the archenemy of his former team, Liverpool, and signed a long three-year contract starting from the 2021-2022 season. He also coached Chelsea temporarily in 2012 and Newcastle in the English Premier League 2016.