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Corona's fake passport for sale.. Mexico is a haven for virus-free certificates

A forged copy of a health permit for a coronavirus vaccine, which allows travel to certain countries without quarantine restrictions, is being offered for sale in Santo Domingo, a central area of ​​the Mexican capital known for its fraudulent production of birth certificates, driver's licenses and passports.


And Swissinfo website published, that this document is of particular interest to travelers who refuse to receive the vaccine, who have received only one dose out of two doses, or who have received an unlicensed vaccine in a country they wish to visit.


"If you receive the 'Chinese' vaccine, here we are changing it to 'Pfizer' or 'Sputnik-V' (Russian)," explains Chris, who provides this service in broad daylight, as seen by AFP reporters.


The presence of the Mexican police in the area does not discourage counterfeiters ... nor their customers, and health certificates are offered for sale at a price ranging from 1,100 pesos (about 56 dollars) to 2,000 pesos (about 100 dollars), and Chris assures people who put a surgical mask on their faces that "within two hours Your document will be in your possession.


And the Mexican Ministry of Health recently announced that Mexicans can download their certificate of obtaining the anti-Coronavirus vaccine for free from an official website intended for people who wish to travel outside the country or for other reasons.


"People come here because they only get one dose of the vaccine (out of two) or because they need to replace it," Chris says.


The legal document contains a QR code that, when scanned, redirects to the official website to certify that the user has received the vaccine in both doses, and therefore, forgers of these health certificates provide a modified QR code ... but in fact it does not Works.


"If criminals had the technical ability, they would have created a QR code that could provide valid data," Carlos Ramirez, a cybersecurity specialist, told AFP.


According to the expert, the fraudsters do not have the technical means that would allow them to “download every QR code with the data requested by their customers.” In response to a question by AFP, the Ministry of Health did not want to talk about the means available to protect itself or combat this type of activity. illegal,

However, vaccination certificates are not the only fraud that has emerged during the pandemic.


Counterfeit virus vaccines seized in Mexico and Poland were sold for up to $1,000 per vaccine.


Also, the Mexican government seized a shipment of counterfeit “Sputnik-V” vaccines in March, smuggled on a private plane bound for Honduras, and laboratory tests “confirm” that the result of the Covid-19 test was negative, in exchange for 600 pesos.


Article 243 of Mexico's Federal Criminal Code states that falsification of "public documents is a crime punishable by four to eight years' imprisonment".