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Chinese Foreign Minister discusses with Bashar al-Assad Syria's participation in the "Belt and Road Initiative"

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his accompanying delegation, which is currently visiting Syria, discussed with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad the participation of Damascus in the "Belt and Road Initiative", according to the Syrian news agency SANA.

This came during Bashar al-Assad's reception today, the Chinese Foreign Minister, and they discussed the historical and distinguished relations linking the two friendly countries.

During the meeting, it was agreed to move towards a new stage in strengthening these relations and opening wider horizons for bilateral cooperation in all fields to serve the interests of the two countries and peoples.

Al-Assad stressed that China is a strong country and has a great and important position in the international arena, and that Syria is looking forward to expanding fields of cooperation with it at various levels, based on its strong presence and its moral policies that serve most countries and peoples of the world.

Al-Assad thanked China for the support it provides to the Syrian people in various fields, and for the important positions it has taken in international forums in support of Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity and independent decision.

During the meeting, they discussed Syria's participation in the "Belt and Road Initiative", where the Chinese Foreign Minister affirmed his country's interest in Syria's participation in this initiative due to its location and its important regional role, stressing his country's continued support for the Syrian people in their war against terrorism and facing the siege and inhumane sanctions imposed on them. And standing against interference in the internal affairs of the Syrian people and everything that affects Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Chinese minister conveyed to President al-Assad President Xi Jinping's congratulations on winning the presidential elections, saying that the success of this award indicates the people's victory and their firm determination to resist all challenges and attempts to dominate it.