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An American study: Following a keto diet may reduce the growth of cancer cells

A study issued by the American Academy of Neurology revealed that the “keto” diet may be an effective way to prevent brain cancer, because it is a diet rich in fat and low in carbohydrates, according to a report published on the Medical Express website.

Experts stressed that the "modified keto" diet is worth exploring for people with brain tumors, as the study found that the diet was safe and feasible for people with brain tumors called astrocytomas, as the diet led to changes in metabolism in the body and brain, and it also It slows down tumor growth.

The researchers pointed out that there are not many effective treatments for these types of brain tumors, as these cancer cells depend on glucose or sugar, to divide and grow, adding that the “keto” diet provides a low percentage of sugar, which enables normal brain cells to depend On carbohydrates for energy, which affects the slow growth of cancer cells.

The researchers evaluated a number of people with tumors, by following the keto diet for 8 weeks, which relies on meat, dairy, vegetables, fish and other low-fat meats while reducing carbohydrate intake, and the main objective of the study was to find out whether people were able to Follow the diet without any serious side effects.

The results of the study revealed changes in the metabolism in the body and the brain of patients with cancerous tumors, as the levels of hemoglobin A1c, insulin levels and fat body mass decreased, in contrast to an increase in lean body mass, and specialized brain scans that reveal changes in brain metabolites showed an increase in ketones concentrations. and metabolic changes in the tumor.

The researchers concluded that a keto diet can prevent the growth of brain tumors, and it can also be safe for people with brain tumors and succeed in causing changes in the body's metabolism.