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Ahmed Hassan: The mass teams give the league value and “fear” for Aswan

Ahmed Hassan, the former Egyptian football star, expressed his concern about the decline in the level of the mass teams and the superiority of the companies’ clubs in the general league competition. Al-Sager said in statements on the “One Two” program: “I am very worried about Aswan, the team is trying to provide good results, but the Tigris match is lost It affected the team, and the tie with Ceramica was good, and it is important that the fan clubs remain in the league, because this gives a valuable championship, and this is what happens in European leagues.

Speaking about Al-Ahly's victory over Smouha by a clean four, he added: Al-Ahly returned quickly after the draw with Pyramids and achieved an important victory over Smouha, and its players benefited a lot from the lesson and ended the match with a great result.

Wasel: Hossam Hassan and Ihab Jalal at the highest level, and Jalal restored a lot of the position of Al-Ismaili, and Hussam Hassan succeeded in placing Al-Ittihad in the golden square, even if temporarily.

The Aswan team will resume its training next Thursday, after the negative rest that the players got after the draw with Ceramica in the last match in the league with one goal for each team, and Ahmed Bebo, the team's coach, preferred to give the players a period of rest before completing the training, especially since the Al-Ahly match will be held on July 29th.

The intention within the board of directors of Aswan Club, headed by Major General Ahmed Suleiman, is to give Ahmed Bebo the team coach the opportunity during the current period, to lead the team technically after the dismissal of Alaa Abdel Aal, after the great positive spirit that the players showed during the last match against Ceramica, which ended in a positive draw. A goal like that.

The council agreed to keep Bibo due to his experience with the team and his close knowledge of the players' capabilities, which qualifies him to take responsibility in that sensitive stage of Aswan, where the Nile crocodiles cling to the dream of staying in the league of lights and fame.