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3 simple tests that measure your level of physical fitness.. away from the scale

There are different ways to measure body weight correctly, apart from using a scale, we can use a fabric measuring pipe to measure weight differences, but there are other ways in which you can measure your physical fitness, as the scale does not help us measure body fitness. In this report, we learn about the most prominent tests The simple one that measures physical fitness, according to the “ndtv” website.

3 simple tests that measure your level of physical fitness


1. Waist-to-thigh ratio

Waist to thigh measurement is the ratio of waist circumference to thigh circumference in the human body.

To perform this expert-recommended test, keep your three fingers above your navel and measure with a clothes rig.

Now you measure the thigh, make sure to measure the widest part of the thigh, note that and the ratio between the two should be between 0.7-0.85 for women and 0.85-0.95 for men.

2. Sit and reach exercise

Take a chair and sit on the edge of the chair, keeping your legs stretched out in front of you and straight.

 While looking forward, try touching your toes with your hands. If you can't touch your toes, the result will be negative, meaning you are not in good shape.

3. Heart rate at rest

Measure it first thing in the morning. Take an oximeter, a blood oxygen meter you can buy and use at home. Count down from 10 to 1 and note your pulse. This test measures your average resting heart rate.