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Without lectures... How does Carteron manage the Zamalek team technically in his second term?

The Zamalek team presents an outstanding technical performance under the leadership of the French coach, Patrice Carteron, during his second term, which succeeded the Portuguese Pacheco after the decline in results, and with Cartieron taking responsibility and improving the level, some see that the white team has become a strong contender for the league title this season.

Apart from the brilliance of Zamalek inside the green rectangle in the matches, the dressing rooms always witness scenes and secrets that many do not know about the way the coach manages the team, as he sees it, and according to the circumstances of each stage.

The second term of the French Carteron witnessed a radical change in the way he managed the Zamalek matches, as he did not do a technical lecture for the players since 3 matches and only announced the official formation before the match without doing the lecture, and the coach of Al-Abyad believes that all the players know their instructions well and there is no need to hold the lecture.

It is known in the world of football that the coach is the first and last responsible for the method and policy of managing the football team in the way he deems appropriate, according to each time without any external interference, where the role of the administration is only to hold the coach accountable for the final result of his management of the team and whether it yielded its fruits and the expected results or not .