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What did he offer in the name of Morsi in the 2020/2021 season before the clearinghouse welcomed his return to Zamalek?

It seems that the officials of the Egyptian Clearinghouse Club gave the team striker Basem Morsi the green light for his return to Zamalek again in the Mercato next summer, if there is a desire from the officials of the white team to return.

Bassem Morsi participated in the league this season and the Egypt Cup in 23 games, including 22 in the league and one in the Egypt Cup, during which he scored 8 goals in the league and made 3, while he scored a goal in the Egypt Cup.

Since Bassem Morsi moved to the ranks of the clearing Egypt last January, he participated with the team in 15 matches, scored 7 goals and made another goal.

The marketing value of the 29-year-old Bassem Morsi is 400,000 euros, which is equivalent to 8 million Egyptian bends.

Bassem Morsi joined the ranks of Zamalek club in the 2014/2015 season, and continued with the White Castle until the 2017/18 season, during which he participated in 137 matches, scored 50 goals and made 15 for his teammates.

Basem Morsi went through an experience within the ranks of the Military Production Club, where he participated in 50 matches with him since joining the team in the 2019 season, during which he scored 20 goals and made 3 for his teammates.

Bakri Selim, Executive Director of the Egypt Clearing Club, praised the performance of Bassem Morsi, the striker of the team, after his brilliance since joining the team last January, coming from the ranks of Military Production, and his leadership of the team in resolving more than one important match, the last of which was the last Ghazl El Mahalla match, which he won Fayoumi team with a clean goal.


Salim said, in statements: "Basem Morsi is a striker at the highest level, and has regained his usual scoring capabilities since joining the clearing, and there are no formal negotiations from Zamalek to restore the player so far."